Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lakshmi Rai in Studio with Sweaty Armpits -- 1


  1. The p[roblem is too profounfd and severe to only close it in a few images. It is obvious that armpit sweat can in certain situations surely steals the whole selfconfidence. I personally tried numeroius methods in order to solve that issue. And once upon a time I came across zeromarks. Initially I was very sceptical towards that stuff. I put it to the inside of my shirt and waited eagerly for results.
    My prejudices turned out to be totally groundless. The paper pad was extremely comfortable. For this reason I did not even feel it. I don't worry about sweat marks anymore and – what is important – my clothes are in unsullied condition.

  2. want to lick your sweet with morning bread toast,want your urine in place of water,want your mences monthly and want your scat in place of fast food.Want your feet sweat and shoes over my nose.


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